The Team

Chef André Moore

I make everything look beautiful. I've been cooking professionally for almost 25 years (I know it's hard to believe). I've previously held head chef positions in several large hotels and restaurants and most recently I was part of Le Gavroche team with the Roux brothers. I do all the hard work in the studio kitchen, making everything perfect before it gets in front of the camera, so the rest of the team have an easy ride. I'm happy to come up with recipe solutions and presentation ideas, so please feel free to contact me directly to discuss any culinary requirements.

Francesca Jones

Post-production is where the real work is done. I make sure that all the pictures leaving the studio are colour corrected and fully re-touched to ensure that André's dishes are even more beautiful in the final image than when they left the kitchen. I also keep the boys in check and on best behaviour when clients are here - well, most of the time.


Ok, I'm the studio miniature dachshund and lets be honest, most people come here to see me. I'm in charge of ground level controls. I may be cute and draw the clients in, but don't let looks deceive you, I'm the sausage dog equivalent of Ronnie Biggs. If you leave your jacket on the back of your chair - then I'll do your pockets, if you leave your bag open - I'll in be in it, and of course anything left on the floor is mine. You have been warned.


My first part-time job at 15 was as a photographer's assistant (while I was still at school). That's almost 35 continuous years in professional advertising photography, with just a short break of a few years at Art College and University, which probably makes me completely unemployable in any other field!
The Team